Broken Bond update Friday 27th January 2023 Zee World

The Episode starts with Rahul telling the Kohlis that Rhea was trying to buy him and was asking him to do as she says, she meant that he has to act to loot and she will act to protect you all, without taking any risk and injuries, she will become great bahu. Everyone is shocked. Rhea asks what nonsense, I didn’t say like this. Rahul says how you are lying, we are thieves, but we have some rules, but you don’t any religion or honesty. Manish says don’t waste time with her, take the jewellery and leave. He asks him to say till they take the jewellery. Vedant asks him to say how they are? Rahul says this aunt and niece, don’t know whose tongue works faster. Aaliya says give gun to me, then I will show you, if my tongue works faster or my hands. Vedant says you are corrupt fully. Rahul asks Aaliya to give her necklace. Vedant asks Rhea to give her jewellery. Aaliya takes off her necklace and gives to Rahul. Other guy asks for Prachi’s ring. Prachi refuses to give. The goon asks if this is precious. Prachi says this was given to me by my mother. I will die, but will not give. The goon says mother’s blessing shall be with you, what you will do with this ring.

He says don’t make me angry, else I will cut her finger. Ranbir comes infront of Prachi. Prachi struggles not to give her ring to the goon. Sid asks the goon to leave her. The goon asks who is he? Aaliya says he is Prachi’s would be husband. The goon says Prachi is married to Ranbir, I can proof this. Ranbir couldn’t bear to see them forcing Prachi and beats the goon. Vikram, Aryan and others beat them. Rhea asks Ranbir to go out and call Police. Priya comes there and fires in air. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and runs. Sid holds Rhea’s hand and runs. The goon threatens to shoot them. Rhea calls him mad and goes with Sid. The goon laughs as he finds the bag. He says now everyone will know who am I, and what I can do? He takes the bag.

Priya thinks she had warned Rahul, but he didn’t listen. She stops to hear Sid and Rhea. Sid tells Rhea that people like her shall die. Rhea says if we die, then how people like you will live. He says you are like Diljale lover. Sid says you made everyone mad with me, and I used to think that you love me, but you didn’t love me. He says you will live and die alone, as you are the most worst and disgusting human being. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Sid tells Ranbir that Rhea is jealous of Prachi and don’t want her happiness. Aaliya says Mihika saw the goons before going from here, and asks Sid to say. She blackmails Sid again. Rhea asks Sid, what was he saying and asks him to complete his conversation. Aaliya asks him to say fully. Sid says I am sorry and asks Ranbir not to feel bad about his words. Rhea says even I have heart and I get hurt. She says if you say this again then I will do something and you know what? Prachi sees Priya and asks who is there? Priya says hands up and aims gun at them. She asks them to go in line. Prachi coughs. Priya asks Ranbir to take Prachi to have water and says my boyfriend shall not know. Ranbir says ok.

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Mihika tells the goon that she needs to talk on her phone. She tells that she had left her phone in the corridor. She says she wants to alert them. Ranbir says Priya is a nice girl. Prachi says actually Priya’s boyfriend Rahul is also good, both are good and says problem is Aaliya, what was the need for her to insult them. Ranbir says I will bring water for you. The goon says we have broken your phone. Mihika says she had two phones. She says make me talk to them, that Rhea and Aaliya are bad, but didn’t know that they are in big trouble. The goon asks her to call on her number. Prachi picks the call. Mihika tells Prachi that one guy is chemistry student and had mixed two powder, and says if anyone inhales the powder, then they will faint, then it will be a problem. Ranbir comes there and stops Prachi. Prachi tells him everything. Ranbir asks did you have an idea to stop them. Prachi says she doesn’t have any idea, but they shall go. He asks her to drink some water first and calls her yaar. Prachi says don’t call me yaar.

Rahul is surprised to see Priya bringing Rhea, Aaliya and others. She asks where is everyone. The goon brings Dida and Aryan and shows the bag. He says he has found it. Rhea asks if there is a treasure in it. Prachi comes there and tells everything. The goon says you shall be a teacher. Prachi says mihika said. She asks everyone to open the doors and windows, as the goon sits to make the smoke. She says I will not let you do this and tries to drag the goon. Ranbir comes back and asks Prachi to come, and says you are pregnant. She comes to room. Everyone faints in the hall, even Rahul’s friends. Prachi falls down in her room. Ranbir also falls down. Rhea falls down outside the room.

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Ranbir is unconscious and recalls what Prachi had said. He gains consciousness and sees Prachi unconscious. Shahana gains consciousness and is about to sprinkle water on Pallavi, thinks she is not trust worthy and is going to Vikram. She falls near Aryan and makes him gain conscious, sprinkle water on his face. Aryan gains consciousness. Shahana says we shall tie the goons’ hand so that they don’t run away. Ranbir asks Prachi to get up and says come on Prachi. He moves her hand and asks her to open her eyes. He gets worried when she doesn’t respond.

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