Polaris Bank Transfer Code: How to Transfer from Polaris Bank to Other Banks [year]

How to Activate And use Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Polaris Bank Transfer Code. Are you part of those searching for Polaris Bank Transfer Code or How to Activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code?. This page packed the most asked questions about Polaris Bank. Read on.

Polaris Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of products and services, including a transfer code that makes it easy to make fast and secure bank transfers.

With Polaris Bank Transfer Code, you can easily and quickly transfer between your bank accounts without remembering any codes or PINs.

Polaris Bank Review

According to Wikipedia: Polaris Bank is a large financial services provider in West Africa and Central Africa. With headquarters in Nigeria, the bank maintains subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, the Gambia, the Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Angola and Equatorial Guinea.

As of September 2010, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$3.9 billion (NGN:611.5 billion), with shareholders’ equity of approximately US$630 million (NGN:98.4 billion).

How to Activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Polaris Bank is a leading bank in Nigeria with a wide selection of products and services. They offer a Transfer Code service that can be used to move money between your accounts easily. Activate the Transfer Code service and enjoy efficient banking experiences. Here are the requirements for activating of Polaris Bank Transfer Code:

  • Dial *833#
  • Select sign up
  • Enter your account number
  • Create a 4-digit PIN. Re-enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • Your balance will be displayed as a welcome sign
  • Submit

How to Transfer Money From Polaris Bank to Other Banks

Polaris Bank Transfer Code is a user-friendly system that allows users to send money from one Polaris Bank account to another Polaris Bank account or other Banks like FCMB, UBA, Access Bank, First Bank & more.

This convenient and efficient system makes it easy for users to transfer money between their Polaris Bank accounts. Here are some USSD Codes you need to transfer money from Polaris Bank:

833*amount*account number#. For example, *833*5000*2200989305#. Or follow the steps below.

  • Dial *833#
  • Select 6
  • Enter Account Number
  • Enter 4 digit PIN
  • Enter Amount
  • Tap Send

Polaris Bank Recharge Code

Polaris Bank is a lending institution that offers a recharge code to its customers. This code allows you to recharge for your self or others.

To recharge your self

Dial *833*AMOUNT# from your registered line with Polaris Bank. Exact value recharged is credited to your phone line and debited from your bank account.

To others

Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# (e.g. *833*50*07065160758#)

Select Account to Debit (if you have more than one Polaris bank account)

Enter Pin and confirm.

How to Check Polaris Bank Account Balance

Polaris Bank is a lending institution that offers a code to check balance to its customers. This code allows you to check how much is left in your Polaris bank account.

Dial *833*6#.

They will charge you 10 Naira for this transaction.

How to change your Polaris Bank account PIN

Changing your Polaris Bank account PIN is a simple process that can help protect your account. Following these steps can change your PIN and improve your security.

  • Dial *833#.
  • Select option 9 or * on the menu (other services)
  • Select option 1 for PIN change
  • Select the account number you would like to change pin for
  • Enter your current PIN or default pin (where a PIN reset has been done) in the ‘OLD PIN” field and send
  • Enter your new preferred PIN
  • Re-Enter your new preferred PIN
  • Submit

Polaris Bank Charges & Daily Limit

  • Transfer Limit: Maximum of 50,000 Naira daily.
  • Recharge Limit: 5,000 Naira daily and 20,000 Naira monthly.
  • Transfer Charges: 52.5 Naira for transfer to other banks and 10.5 Naira to other Skye bank accounts.
  • Bills Payment Charges: N53 (LLC & Bet9ja) – 105 (PHCN & DsTv) Naira.
  • Recharge Charges: Free.
  • Network Charges: 1 – 5 Naira per transaction. You will receive Connection problems or Invalid MMI code errors if you have no airtime.

Polaris Bank USSD Codes

Open an account*833*1#
Pay bills*833*2#
Transfer funds*833*3#
Block your lost/stolen ATM card*833*4#
Check your balance*833*6#
*833*7#Pay with MasterPass
*833*8#Airtime top-up
Polaris Bank USSD Codes


In conclusion, Polaris Bank Transfer Code is a helpful tool for transferring money between two accounts. It can be an easy and convenient way to move money between accounts, especially if you have multiple bank accounts or want to transfer money between accounts quickly and easily.

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