Twist of fate update Saturday 21st January 2023 Zee World

The Episode starts with Shahana bringing Prachi out. Rhea asks Shahana to move and tells Prachi that they are late because of her. Prachi thinks she shall do something to delay the marriage. She slips. Ranbir thinks her nautanki started, and now she will waste 15 mins. She falls deliberately. He is in turban and thinks the marriage will happen now. Ranbir lifts Prachi and takes her to mandap. All the family members are surprised. Shahana says Sid is doing what everyone wants. Prachi asks Sid, why he lifted her and says she wants to delay the marriage.

Rhea asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done in short cut. Pandit ji says nothing can happen in short cut, nobody shall speak in between now as the marriage solemnizes. Prachi gets angry at Shahana. Shahana thinks she must be cursing her. Aryan asks Shahana why she got up from mandap. Shahana says Rhea was doubtful so she made Prachi sit. She takes him to side and tells heim that Ranbir is sitting on groom’s place. He says this is surprise for Prachi and she will kiss me for this. Aryan asks what to do, so that I get similar thing. Shahana asks him to shower flowers on them with her. The goons are having tea standing outside and looks at Sid and Mihika leaving in car.

Rhea ties the knot and tells that she will tie her wishes too, that my sister stay happily with her husband this time, and says she is wishing from her heart. Prachi looks sad and upset. Shahana and Aryan smiles. Pandit ji starts the mantras and asks them to stand for the rounds. Ranbir gets up and waits for Prachi to get up. Rhea says she might not have heard, I will help her. She asks Prachi to get up. Prachi pushes her. Aaliya shouts Prachi. Rhea says this might have happened in excitement

Prachi gets up and turns to go. Ranbir pulls her closer. Prachi realizes he is Ranbir. Ranbir says yes, your ranbir. He says what do you think that I will let you marry Sid. He says he sat on Sid’s place and made her sit on Shahana’s place. He says we shall marry fast as we have just 5 mins. Dida asks what they are talking? Prachi says Sid is promising to keep me happy always. Rhea says wow, promising before marriage. Pandit ji says just 5mins are remaining. Prachi says last time, our family was not with us, and says this time she will marry according to mahurat and shashtras. They get up for the rounds. Aaliya says she is desperate for marriage. They begin taking rounds. Dida asks Shahana and Aryan, why are they happy? They take Dida to side and tell her that marriage is happening of Ranbir and Prachi. Dida gets happy and takes flower petals to throw on them. Vikram thinks what happened to Mummy ji. He asks her. Dida says you will know later. Pandit ji says rounds are completed and asks them to sit. He asks groom to fill bride’s hairline with sindoor. Ranbir fills sindoor in Prachi’s hairline. Prachi gets emotional and teary eyes. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks him to make her wear the mangalsutra now. Ranbir makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pandit ji says marriage is completed, you are husband and wife now. He asks them to take elders’ blessings.

They come to Pallavi. Pallavi blesses their jodi. Prachi cries and says I always wanted to get your blessings and says I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Pallavi says my blessings will be with you always, you are always my bahu. Ranbir and Prachi take Vikram’s blessings. Dida then blesses them to be happy always and whispers that she came to know everything. Rhea comes to Prachi and asks if she will not meet her. She hugs her and says always be happy and together and stay away from me. She says you two are going to be out from my life forever. Ranbir lifts the sehra and says actually you shall stay away from both of us. Rhea is shocked. Ranbir says you are out of our lives. Pallavi shouts Ranbir. Rhea asks where the hell is Sid. Ranbir and Prachi smiles. Sid is driving the car and asks Mihika if she is fine. Mihika says she is feeling better than ever. Sid says we have to expose them and shall tell them that there is no age of lies. He says we are together, nobody will hurt you. He says we will go home and will tell truth to everyone. Mihika tells him that goons are following them. Sid says they are the ones who had kept you captive

Rhea asks Ranbir how he can marry Prachi, when she is pregnant with Sid’s child. She says this marriage haven’t happened. Aaliya asks where is Sid, where did you hide him. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is happy? He says you always wanted to get their blessings and asks if she is happy. Pallavi is going upset. Ranbir asks her to hear him. Pallavi asks what do you want. She says your decision and choice is right and we are wrong. She says when you didn’t want Prachi to go then why you agreed for Prachi and Sid’s marriage. She asks if the marriage is a game and asks who was aware that Ranbir was sitting instead of Sid. Shahana, Aryan and Dida raise their hands.

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