Twist of fate update Sunday 22nd January 2023 Zee World

The Episode starts with Pallavi asking everyone who knew about Ranbir sitting on the mandap and not Sid. Aryan, Shahana and dida raise their hands. Dida says she came to know just some time back. Pallavi says who told you. Rhea says it doesn’t matter, this is a lie and betrayal and I don’t believe it. Ranbir says you can break Prachi;s ghatbandhan, but not our relation. He says you can break her varmala but can’t break our promises and swears.

Twist of fate update Sunday 22nd January 2023 Zee WorldHe says you can break the mangalsutra but can’t tear the love connection with which we are connected. He says Prachi and my love will never get less. He says Prachi has hurt me, but she has bear so much than me. He says she has taught me love and life, and it doesn’t matter if she gives me death also. He says when she is near me, I want to see her. He says I came to know much much I love her, I was taking breaths, but I was not living.

Aaliya asks why did you let Prachi come to the mandap when you love her so much. Ranbir says I was not aware that you both have kidnapped Mihika. Sid and Mihika are in the car while the goons are behind her. Sid asks her not to worry and tells that the goon is not seen. Mihika asks him to take reverse. The goon come infront of Sid’s car while the other come from behind. They take out Mihika from the car. Mihika shouts Bhaiyya. Sid takes out hockey stick from his car and starts beating the goons. The goons beat Sid. Mihika hits the goons with the hockey stick and asks Sid to come. Sid and Mihika take their bike keys and escape in their car. The goon tells other that they shall call Aaliya, but the phone is broken.

Ranbir tells Aaliya that the reason is you and Rhea. He asks her to answer. Aaliya says I don’t have any justification for your inappropriate question. she asks him to keep them out of his imaginary world. Rhea says why will I kidnap Mihika. Aryan gets a message and signs Ranbir. He is going. Aaliya calls him. He says later. Aaliya says I stay here, when I got time to kidnap Mihika. Shahana asks if you will inform us before kidnapping Mihika. Aaliya says I am not your Buji. Shahana says I know well, whatever wrong you have done. Aaliya asks Pallavi if an outsider will insult her now. Shahana asks her to see her status and asks if Bua also goes to her niece sasural. Aaliya asks how dare you and raises her hand on Shahana. Prachi holds Aaliya’s hand stopping her and tells that if she can fold her hands to save respect, then can hold someone’s hand to save someone’s respect. She says you have right to raise hand, but not when you are wrong. She says Shahana is not an outsider, but she is my own sister.

She says Shahana has taught me how to deal with outside world. She says Maa and Shahana had taken care of me. She says she always stood by me, as she is my sister. She says few relations are made by ourselves and we feel proud of it, and she is proud of her relation with Shahana. She says you are hurt me, but not my pride. She says I respected you always, but you never give me even a smallest place in your heart. She says I don’t want any place now, you stay with your family and I will stay with my family. Aaliya asks what she wants to prove. Ranbir asks her to answer. Aaliya asks what to answer, I have no answer. She asks Pallavi to say something. Pallavi says I am hearing what is going on here and says if Ranbir is right then? Aaliya says do you think that I have kidnapped Mihika? Prachi says we have seen with our eyes, that you was in hotel and nobody can think what was about to happen with Mihika. She says it was truth. Aaliya says she is lying and making stories. Vikram says Prachi is lying and you are nervous while refusing. Dida says Aaliya shall tell if Ranbir is right. Pallavi says if Ranbir is right then I will be against you, it will be really bad for you. Aaliya says there is no truth in this.

She says they are making stories. Dida says two more people saw this truth. She says you was seen in that hotel where Mihika was captive. Aaliya says I didn’t go to any hotel and says may be she is my lookalike. Aryan comes there and says it was just you only. He says son can’t get betrayed by lookalike. Aaliya asks him to be quiet and says don’t know what story they have told you. Aryan says he has grown up and will expose her true face to everyone, as he is ashamed of her. Aaliya asks if you will go against your mother. Aryan says you have become just Rhea’s Bua and not my mother. Ranbir calls the goons. The goons come there. Ranbir says they will tell on whose orders, they have kidnapped Mihika. The goon tells that they had kidnapped Mihika on Aaliya’s sayings. Rhea recalls Mihika’s words. Shahana asks Rhea if she identified them. Pallavi asks Aaliya if she has given them money to kidnap Mihika. Ranbir asks Aaliya to say and says 5 people are against you now. Aaliya says someone is trapping me.

Ranbir asks who Aryan, me or someone else. Aaliya says someone is trying to frame me. Vikram says we don’t understand what is happening. Pallavi says we will not believe it easily. Dida says it is not a small thing. Ranbir tells that Aaliya and Rhea had kidnapped Mihika and had threatened Sid that they will kill Mihika, if he don’t claim Prachi’s baby to be his and if he don’t marry her. He says I asked Prachi to marry Sid and she wanted to run away. He says Prachi was pressurized for us and forced her to marry. She says we have cuffed her feet and asked her to make her illegitimate baby as legitimate. He says Sid asked her to marry him, else they will kill Mihika. He says Prachi couldn’t understand what to do and don’t want to start her life with Mihika’s death, and that’s why sat on the mandap.

He says he stood infront of her and tells that he feels proud of her. He says he has bear enough. Rhea asks what wrong did we do, you are watching him as if watching a film. She asks goons to show the contract and asks Shahana to show some proofs, and asks where is the evidence. She asks if I was kidnapped then how I can kidnapped others. The goon tells that they haven’t kidnapped Rhea, just kept her for money. Aaliya says I met them to give money to free Rhea. Other goon asks Ranbir to call their call check list, and says Aaliya’s calls details are in it.

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