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The Episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that whatever papers are there, nothing can harm me, as I was not in my senses when I signed on it. She tells Aaliya, Pallavi and Rhea that you have spiked my drink and took my signs, so these papers are not valid in any court of this world. She says it is asked in court, if you was in your senses when you signed on it. Rhea asks her to give the papers. Prachi says how my signatures came on these papers and says even court shall know how I signed, and tells that her weapon is like her marriage, which can’t survive infront of her. She says whoever wants to destroy my identity, their own identity will be destroyed. She says she will do the same thing with the papers, which is done with the useless papers. She is about to burn it. Aaliya says stop, nobody has cheated you, these papers are genuine. Prachi says I am taking Rhea’s test, lets see if these papers pass the test. She burns the papers keeping on the lamp. Aaliya shouts Prachi. Dida smiles.

Prachi says it is burnt, your truth can’t pass this test, and your dream to throw me out from here, became just a dream. She picks the ashes of the papers and blows on Rhea. She says I don’t care where to throw it? She says she is done with today’s drama and says their lie can’t stand by her, and asks her to accept her defeat. She says just like I have destroyed your fake papers, I will wipe off your illegitimate relation with my husband. She asks her to get habitual to defeat, as Prachi Ranbir Kohli came in your life and says everything will happen, whatever has not happened. Dida smiles and appreciates her in her heart. Ranbir thinks she is too good and she is right, she doesn’t need my help, she can do anything alone.

Rhea comes to Prachi and says wow, what a performance, it was good entertainment, burning the papers and then picking the ashes and blowing it. She says the talk was big, that Judge will not accept the papers, and tells that these papers were genuine and raised a question mark on you. She says you was trying to expose my lose, but your expression and anger were telling it is not true, and says if these papers are not important, then you wouldn’t have burnt. She says you burnt it, as it was raising questions on your identity. She says what you said that these papers will not survive, and tells that you are on Survival mode. She says you need some strength and that;s why did this. She says you have lost the test series and says tour of Kohli house is over. She says you can be kicked out for signing these papers. She says I don’t need fake confidence, I get confidence from this family. She says there was not original papers, but Xerox copy. She asks what do you think that I will roam with the papers, on which I got your sign by cheat. She says it is kept safely in the locker, and says you can’t even see or touch it, with anyone’s help too.

She blows on the ashes and says it is your dreams ashes, which you burnt it. She says you was not going from here, and asks her not to call NGO woman, as they will help her, as she is ghar wali and you are bahar wali. She says you haven’t signed on just admittance papers, but also on divorce papers, even if Ranbir don’t sign on the latter. She says Buji and Ranbir are with me. Ranbir nods his head. Prachi thinks he might got egoistic as she refused for his help. Rhea asks if she will go by herself or after thrown out of the house. She says I will speak to my lawyer and goes. She goes and looks at the papers, and says Prachi did a big mistake by signing on these papers, and can’t stand infront of me. Shahana keeps eye on her. Rhea says it is like my marriage certificate and I feel peace. She says Prachis life is locked here, which will open on my sayings. Shahana hides. Rhea thinks she will not tell anyone about these papers and doesn’t want anyone to see it.

Prachi comes to her room and finds Shahana sitting. Shahana tells that she had gone out through the window, but the main gate was closed. She tells that she saw how she was fighting and burnt the papers. She says something went in her eyes, and went from there. She says then saw Rhea keeping the papers in the locker. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s words.

Ranbir tells that this is not right, I don’t know how Prachi signed and tells that Rhea will stoop low to defeat her. He says if I help Prachi, then I will lose my family. Dida says but you will get Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi herself don’t want my support. He says she tells me clearly always, but I get happy as she is near me, we are in the same house but we are not together. He says if she don’t love me, then it ok, but I will not force her to love me. Dida says she loves you a lot, but doesn’t express it. He says she is hiding something else from me, and also her feelings. He says until she tells me what is in her heart, you will not tell her about my feelings. Dida says it will be too late then. Ranbir says she shall decide, what she wants to do. He asks her to promise that she will not tell anything to Prachi. Dida promises him that she will not tell whatever they talked, but she will express her feelings to her. Ranbir says I am getting late for office.

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