Twist of fate update Tuesday 17th January 2023 Zee World

The Episode starts with Dida telling that if Pallavi had not taken this decision of marriage, then I wouldn’t have feigned heart attack. Sid tells Ranbir that Aaliya has always threatened and blackmailed him whenever there comes any hurdles in the marriage function. Ranbir says what you are saying, she can’t do all this. Aaliya calls Sid. Sid asks Ranbir to stay far. He picks the call. Aaliya shows Mihika on video call. Sid asks what did you do with her.

Aaliya says we didn’t give her food and water when she was asking. Ranbir hears and is shocked. Sid asks did you beat her, seeing marks on her face. Aaliya says yes, and says what you was telling Dida that you will do as she says. She says Dida don’t want you to marry her, so will you not marry her. She says if you act smart then your sister will be punished, now you are seeing small injuries, else will see big. She ends the call. Ranbir snatches phone from Sid’s hand and tells that he will talk to her and gets angry. Sid says that’s why I didn’t want to tell you and asked Prachi not to say. Ranbir asks if you will be blackmailed by her all life, and says we shall go to Police. Sid says we tried and rescued Mihika, but they kidnapped her again. Ranbir says I didn’t know that they can stoop low.

Sid says Rhea and Aaliya can do anything, can kill anyone and tells that he wishes that he would have died when they attacked him. He says he told him seeing him pain. Ranbir says Prachi is very much hurt. Aaliya calls again. Sid asks Ranbir to stay silent. Aaliya asks Sid why he disconnected the call. He says it was network problem. Aaliya asks him to marry Prachi, then they will leave mihika and will give her food. She says if you search different ways to stop the marriage then we will execute different ways of torture, she might bear or not. She says she is coming back and ends the call. Sid cries. Ranbir asks Sid why he didn’t tell him before and says he would have got his wife and child.

He says he was hurt and pain, seeing them together. He says he is very happy that the baby is his, Prachi’s love is truthful. Sid says Prachi’s love for you is truthful. Ranbir says I know and says she didn’t tell me that the baby is mine, and said that it is always yours. Sid says she never said that it is mine, as she knows that it is yours. He says she maintained the dignity, I asked her not to tell anyone.

Sid says I came between you both because of my sister Mihika. Ranbir says mihika is my sister too and I will fall to any level like them and will save her. He says Mihika knows that two people are behind her life, now she will know to what level he will go to save her. He says I will take revenge from them for Prachi, you, baby and me. Sid says Prachi was silent and bear everything due to Mihika. Ranbir says I will take revenge for everyone, and will expose their real truth infront of everyone. Dida tells Vikram that they were with her, then they went out of the room. They call Ranbir and Sid. Prachi says they might be on terrace. Dida asks Vikram and Pallavi if they love Ranbir. Vikram says he is our son. Dida says emotions needs to be expressed and asks them to stop this marriage if they love him. She says if this marriage doesn’t stop then Ranbir will either kill himsef or Sid. Vikram asks her to relax and says we will not let this happen. Sid says Ranbir….Ranbir says if we don’t do anything even now, then we will be left behind. Sid says Mihika has to suffer when I get angry. Ranbir asks if you will be silent even if I die and says you kept things with you and didn’t tell me and asked Prachi also not to tell. Sid says how can you believe me, when I told all this. Ranbir says you had said that you both were vulnerable. Sid says if you think it as truth, if I say. Ranbir says the same thing goes in my mind 24 hours and pushes Sid on the floor. Everyone comes there. Pallavi recalls Dida’s words.

Mihika is in bad state and asks for water. Aaliya says we will make video in which you will ask your brother to marry Prachi else she will not get water and will die. She says she will record the video. Mihika refuses to tell her brother and asks her to send it to her brother. Aaliya slaps her and threatens her to say whatever she ask. Mihika refuses and says nobody will give you water when you die. Aaliya teases Mihika and doesn’t give her water. She says you have to make video before making the video and slaps her hard again.

Pallavi asks Ranbir what happened to him. She says you don’t have any legal reason to stop this marriage. Ranbir looks at Rhea. Rhea says I didn’t say this time, mom is right, you shall not have objection with this marriage, says I am supporting Mom’s thoughts. Ranbir says nobody’s thought is bad like you and says whatever bad has happened is because of you. He holds her hand tigtly. Rhea says leave my hand, it is paining. Ranbir says you have ruined my and many lives. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave her hand and says she is feeling pain. Ranbir asks Prachi why you didn’t tell me even once, to leave her. Dida asks what happened? Pallavi asks him to calm down. Ranbir says he can’t. Vikram asks what you want to do and says this is not the way to talk.

Ranbir says I am talking to Prachi and says why you can’t tell me the truth and asks if she don’t love or trust him. He says you are reason for whatever is happening. Dida asks him to blame her and not Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi loves and trusts everyone and not me. She loves Rhea who wants to ruin her life. Rhea says Prachi has ruined my life, has snatched my Mom, Dad and you. Ranbir asks Prachi if she heard what she said and says you love her and she hates you. Pallavi asks him to tell clearly. Rhea says he is saying, whatever Prachi fed in his brain and says she has provoked Ranbir against me. Ranbir asks Prachi if she will be quiet even now and asks her to tell the truth, because of which she accused you, because of which we are separating, you, me and our child.

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