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The Episode starts with Rhea thinking why Buji said that I will never find Prachi. She thinks to go to Prachi herself. Ranbir and Prachi are going to the construction site. The goon calls Aaliya and tells that they have gone there. Aaliya asks them to make sure that the walls and the roof shall fall on them. The goon assures her. Rhea sees the goons and hears them. Aaliya asks the goons to make sure that they die. Ranbir and Prachi come inside. Ranbir says if we have to go from here, and for that have to move the drum. Prachi says this place is strange. Aaliya says yes, Ranbir, Prachi and their would be baby will die and their family will be wiped off. Ranbir moves the drums. The roof starts falling. Prachi and Ranbir panics. Rhea comes there and picks asbestos piece to reach there.

Rhea rescues them and takes them outside while holding the asbestos. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is fine. Rhea asks are you fine and hugs her. She asks Ranbir to see her condition. Ranbir asks Rhea you sent notice and tomorrow is the date. Prachi asks why did you come here? Rhea says to save you. Prachi says you would have got hurt, and something would have happened to you, then also you came. Rhea says I am bad, but your sister too. She says lets meet tomorrow in court.

She comes home. Aaliya says tomorrow is court date so what? Rhea asks how dare you, she is my sister Prachi. Aaliya laughs and says she very well deserves it, whatever I am going to do. She says if you had not interfered then Ranbir, Prachi and their so called baby would have died. She warns her not to interfere again.

Next day, Rhea is leaving. Aaliya stops her. Rhea tells that she will not listen to anyone and is going to court to take back the case and nobody can stop her. Aaliya says I have raised you when your Mother left you. Rhea asks her not to say it today. Aaliya says I have failed the car brakes. Rhea says great and says if I die, then the problems will end from Rhea and Prachi’s lives. She drives off and checks the brakes. She thinks she knows that Buji doesn’t have guts to fail her car brakes. She thinks since when she started loving Prachi, and thinks she is ready to die for her. She thinks may be this is blood relation, and thinks Prachi will get everything whatever she deserves and I will help her get everything.

In the court, Judge asks Rhea about the case which she has filed. Rhea says she wants to tell her truth today. She says whatever wrong happened in Prachi and Ranbir’s life is due to my obsession, my unlimited love and says I wanted to get Ranbir at any cost. She says I wanted to get him and Ranbir had fought with Prachi, and I took its advantage. She says I got Prachi’s sign on fake divorce papers, then I showed those papers to Ranbir and emotionally blackmailed him and threatened him to suicide if he doesn’t marry me. She says I was foolish to think that I will get Ranbir, but he was always of Prachi. She says he used to say that he loves Prachi, I didn’t hear, but finally he couldn’t be with me. She says I couldn’t be happy with him, my insecurities had increased, my madness had increased and I was going crazy. She says I feigned fake pregnancy with Ranbir’s baby, I lied. She says I just wanted Ranbir, but I was wrong, truth is that Ranbir never touched me. Prachi, Ranbir and Pallavi get shocked. Rhea says I played with his emotions and tried to put him in guilt, he never touched me. She says I am sorry Ranbir, I did wrong with you and tells Prachi that she tortured her a lot and sorry for that. She says I know there is no value of my sorry, as my doings doesn’t deserve forgiveness. She says I just pray that God shall not give sister like me to anyone. Lawyer asks Rhea what is she saying? Rhea says you have done wrong to file case against innocent people. She tells Judge that Ranbir loves Prachi a lot and they were never divorced. She says Ranbir never married me with his will and says if you regard my marriage then this is the divorce papers. She says he is legally right and didn’t do wrong by marrying Prachi. She apologizes to Pallavi, Dida and others. She says I wanted to clear everything legally. Aaliya’s lawyer says still it was 420 case, Rhea was suicidal, he just said this. She says instead of hospitalizing her, they got her married and betrayed her. Rhea says it is not their mistake, whatever they have done is done by me. She says infact I want to take back the case. Judge says if the case is withdrawn, then everyone can leave and warns Rhea not to file case on innocent people. He dismisses the case.

Rhea goes out of the court room. Prachi goes behind Rhea. Dida asks Pallavi if she was Rhea. Shahana says she took back the case and said the truth also. Pallavi says at one point, the person realizes her wrong doings. Prachi asks Rhea why you did this. Rhea says she feels disgusted about her doings and it is a sin and that’s why she told this. Ranbir comes and says you have really changed. Rhea says I want to see you both happy with this little angel. She says I will get the peace, if you stay happy. Prachi hugs Rhea. Rhea asks Ranbir to take care of her sister and says I am going so she will not have any problem. Ranbir holds Prachi and Rhea. Rhea says if I apologize then you will forgive me. Prachi says lets forget about that and think about future. She says we will stay together as sisters. Rhea says I didn’t apologize and she forgave me. She says I am cursed, if I stay with you then I can’t face you. Prachi keeps her hand on her stomach and says you are her/his maasi. Rhea says I wish I was like you. Prachi asks her to come with them, to home. Rhea says I will return, when I become Maasi and till then let me do penance. She hugs her and asks her to take care. She leaves. Prachi cries and hugs Ranbir.

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