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The Episode starts with Prachi thanking Ranbir and says this moment is precious, thank you for coming in my life. She says I am glad that you are in my life and I am in your life. Ranbir says I didn’t hear what you said, you said thank you for bringing you in my life and I heard thank you for accepting me. He says you said that you are glad that you are in my life and I heard that you are my wife. Prachi says sometimes I hate you. Ranbir says I heard I love you. She hits him. He says I am feeling like you are kissing me. Prachi hugs him. Rhea gets angry and upset seeing them hugging. Ranbir kisses on Prachi’s forehead. He says thank you for coming back in my life again, and says I got whatever I wanted. Prachi says I got the world and everything. They hug again. Rhea is upset.

Pallavi says it seems all tension is searching our house address. Vikram says we can’t do anything. Dida says whatever is happening, we shall let it happen. Aaliya thinks what to do, to make everything fine. Doctor comes out and gives the report. Dida asks Pallavi to open the report. Aaliya asks pallavi not to open the report and says we know how Prachi is? She might tell that we have manipulated the report. Doctor says actually Rhea…Aaliya stops him and says we shall go home. Dida takes the report from Pallavi and they started walking. Prachi says she wants to put ghee in the diya. Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to tell her something, which he told many times. He asks her to carry on. Rhea thinks what he tells her many times. Prachi turns and her ghunghat falls on his head. Prachi says I don’t like as it is about me. He says you are thinking something else and says we shall say at the same time. Ranbir says you are very beautiful in the world. Prachi also says the same, and says she is not beautiful. Ranbir says she is beautiful. Prachi says beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ranbir praises her and says he wants her to be infront of his eyes. He asks her to put ghee in the diya and goes.

Rhea comes to Prachi and says you can’t be happy by snatching someone’s happiness. She says Ranbir is not any house, which you have snatched and put your nameplate on him to get him. She says he is my first love and my life. Prachi says Ranbir is not any house which can be snatched and he is not a jewellery also. She says he is a diamond which was fixed in my ring long back and I took much time to wear it. Prachi says you got it by cheat, you snatched Ranbir on our marriage day. Prachi asks her to accept Ranbir and her marriage which happened now itself. She asks her to check her kundali and says he is in kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya. She says our destiny is connected. She says he is in the lines of my palm and on my forehead bhagya. She says even if Ranbir and I wanted then also we can’t separate. She says how and from where you will separate us. She says we are like Diya and baati, when we meet, we are light of love. Rhea says if I can’t separate you, then I will not let you both unite.

Pallavi asks Vikram not to drive the car. She asks Aaliya to drive as Vikram is in stress. Dida worries for Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says everything will be fine in their lives. Peon comes and asks Aaliya to sign on the file. Aaliya sits in the car.

Shahana asks Mihika if she wants something. Mihika says she is fine and happy to come home. Sid says I was worried if I can save Ranbir-Prachi or Mihika and says he is glad that they are all fine and everything is perfectly fine. He says if this thing haven’t happened then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself.

Aryan comes there and says Mom came. Sid and Shahana ask Mihika to rest. Rhea comes to Aaliya and says she called her. Aaliya says I couldn’t pick the call. Pallavi says we haven’t opened the report yet. She says if anyone wants to confess then confess, I will try to understand that person’s situation and says later on, I will not give a chance to prove her innocence, I will think that it was her planning and says come forward and say it. She says after that, I will do something which never happened with a woman. She says I am the lady of the house and has the responsibility to keep the family united. She says come forward and say it now, its now or never. She opens the envelope and the reports fall down. She asks Ranbir to read it. Ranbir reads it. Prachi reads then and gets shocked. Rhea reads and says it is written that my baby is of Ranbir. She says I am pregnant with Ranbir’s child and asks Aaliya to see. Aaliya recalls getting the fake report from the peon, pretending to sign. Rhea shouts asking Prachi what you want to say. Prachi says I will say that you have done something surely, Buji. Aaliya recalls stopping the call on the way and asks Vikram and Pallavi to push the car. She then asks Dida to get down from the car. When everyone gets down to push the car. Aaliya replaces the fake report with original report. fb ends. Aaliya reminds Pallavi of her words.

Pallavi says I remember well. Aaliya says it is proved that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. She says Prachi has always taunted Rhea and asks how can a woman do this with another woman. Rhea says my own sister tells anything about me. She says I did many wrong things, but becoming a mother is not wrong. She says I thought that it is a happy moment for me. She says Ranbir always supports Prachi. She asks him why he differentiate between Prachi and her baby. She says you can’t forget this baby. She says I am pleading infront of my mother and asks her to give her justice. She says don’t punish a mother, I am pregnant with Ranbir’s child and asks her to give her rights. Pallavi gets emotional. Prachi says enough and says how much you will lie. She says I saw you having papaya and ordering deep tissue massage. She says you have manipulatesd the samples and reports many times. She asks why don’t you feel ashamed of your lies and says you are not pregnant. Rhea says she is lying and swears on her baby that she is not lying. She says if I am lying then my baby will be born dead. Doctor comes there and says no baby will die with your lie, as there is no baby in your womb, you are not pregnant.

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